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We in the Catholic podcasting community need your help in evangelizing!  What you can do is easy, and it really will make a difference.  There are a couple different podcast directories that rank their shows based on comments and votes for the podcasts.  These sites are often dominated by shows that promote sex and paganism.  However, all it will take is a few votes from you to help push Catholic shows up into the top rankings of these lists.  By ranking higher on these lists, we get seen by many more listeners and have many more chances to evangelize.  Every Catholic podcast has the potential to change lives, and your votes WILL get these shows in front of people who need a life change. There have been many conversions among those who listen to these shows, and we want to see more.

Below you will find a list of Catholic Podcasts, and all you need to do is click on the links and enter an email address to vote for each one.  The voting lists are reset each month. If you want to help in the future, then subscribe to our reminder list so that we can notify you on the first of each month to come back and vote again.

Catholic Spotlight: Vote on podcast alley; Review on iTunes
Catholic Roundup: Vote / Review
Catholic Moments: Vote / Review
The Saint Cast: Vote / Review

Enter your email address to receive monthly reminders to vote:

Podcasters:  We would be happy to add you to this list if you will help to promote this page and encourage your listeners to vote for all the podcasts on the list.  Links from your site and mentions on your show will help us all.  All voters can be sent to

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