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CS#52: Benjamin Wiker and Mike Sullivan Share About Militant Atheism And Scott Hahn

Note: Dr. Scott Hahn was not able to be part of this conversation due to impending deadlines on other upcoming books.  What happens when students at Steubenville University start reading Dawkins’ Case Against God and fall away from their faith?  … Continue reading

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Scott Hahn Conversion Story On Audio MP3

The Dr. Scott Hahn Conversion Story is almost certainly the most listened to Catholic audio program over the last several years, and maybe of all time.  Scott Hahn’s tells his powerful journey from Presbeterian pastor to Catholic evangelist  Find out … Continue reading

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CS#5: Scott Hahn Interview About Reasons To Believe

Scott Hahn began his career in ministry as a Presbyterian minister out to show Catholics the error in their ways, but his biblical and historical detective work led him to the conclusion that the Catholic church was the historical church … Continue reading

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