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So are you interested in seeing a bit of yourself on the Catholic Spotlight? We are looking for ways to make our podcasts more fun and interactive, so we would like to invite you to call us up with your comments and questions.

You can leave a voicemail for us anytime at 206-426-1207.

We are also interested in uniquely catholic sound clips and sound effects if you have any to share.

Hope to hear from you soon!

25 Responses to Call In Information

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  23. joyce parry says:

    I am a Catholic all my life and it is really wonderful to discover DR Hahn I have been reading his books and listening to his tapes for some years, I have been contemplating buying his book ‘reasons to believe’ this podcast today convinces me. I live in the UK so it would be lovely to know if Dr Hahn has planes to visit in the near future. Thank you for a wonderful podcast this morning.
    Joyce Parry

  24. Lizbeth Corpuz says:

    How can I contact Patricia Treece.

    Hope you can help.


  25. Alberto M. Ramon says:

    It is great that there are Roman Catholic authors out there trying to send a message with a voice that understands that without God in the midst of our daily activities life can be not just boring, but quite meaningless. We do need help to get our message out and we seem to have trouble finding literary agents to help our novels sell like other books in the marketplace. I know that many hunters and law enforcement officers enjoy reading my two novels that touch on the beauty of wilderness along the south Texas-Mexico border and the scourge of drug-trafficking that has given our region and the people of northern Mexico and south Texas a right to be concerned about the direction of our lives. Without agents our voices as Roman Catholic authors will not be heard and much less understood and used by Americans, particularly Americans of Hispanic descent and devoted sons of Our Lady Of Guadalupe, to change the world. I am asking for help. Is there a Literary Agent out there to help me spread my message as a Roman Catholic author who knows the border first-hand? Keep me and all aspiring Roman Catholic authors in your prayers.
    Alberto M. Ramon
    Eagle Pass, Texas

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