Monthly Archives: May 2008 Sponsors Catholic New Media Celebration

The Catholic Company is very proud to announce our sponsorship of the Catholic New Media Celebration.  This celebration will be the largest gathering of Catholic bloggers, podcasters, vidcasters, and other interactive media ever assembled in one place.  Since the inception … Continue reading

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CS#56: Brian Butler Talks Theology Of The Body for Teens

In today’s interview, Brian Butler talks about Theology of the Body for Teens.  He shares about the inspiration for the book and the process that they went through in taking the sometime densely theological materials of the Theology of the … Continue reading

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CS#55: Mark Hart Talks T3 Teen Bible Study and Lifeteen

Mark Hart, youth minister extrordiaire and vice president of Lifeteen, has just come out with a new teen bible study to follow up on the great success of the T3 bible timeline.  Mark shares with us about how he got … Continue reading

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CS#54: Bella Movie Producer Jason Jones Shares About Making Film

Bella is truly the most incredible movie to be on the big screen this past year and it has tremendous appeal to people on all sides of the political spectrum due to its incredible portrails of Latinos and its very … Continue reading

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CS#53: Danielle Bean Talks Mom To Mom Day To Day

In today’s show, Danielle Bean, Senior Editor of Faith and Family Magazine, talks with us about her blog, her books, and her life as a work from home mother.  She shares wisdom about challenges mothers face, and even gives some … Continue reading

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