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CS#39: First Communion Gift Ideas and Buyers Guide

The other day, I was talking with a friend and mentioned that we were planning on doing a show on how to buy a first communion gift.  I was expecting a ho-hum response from them, but was a bit overwhelmed by her … Continue reading

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CS#38: Ann Ball Shares About Stations Of The Cross And Saints

 If you have ever heard the phrase “Lovable gun toting grandma” and thought how is that possible, then you have never met Catholic Author Ann Ball.  Ann manages a security company in Houston and writes some of the most well … Continue reading

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CS#37: Tim Staples Catholic Apologetics Lessons

If you ever want to get excited about  being catholic and learn a lot in the process, then you want to listen to Tim Staples, one of the top apologists at Catholic Answers.  Tim has an incredible conversion story about … Continue reading

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CS#36: Matthew Bunson And The 2008 Catholic Almanac

Ever wonder what religous orders were located in Iowa, or how many priests are in Guam?  These are some fo the quesitons you can find answers to in the Catholic Almanac by Our Sunday Visitor.  The Catholic Alamanac is a … Continue reading

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