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CS#26: Steve Ray Tells About Footprints Of God DVD Series

In this interview, Steve Ray talks about some of the interesting things that have happened during the making for the Footprints of God DVD series, from helicopter hijackings to getting arrested for buring bushes.  The fun never seems to stop when … Continue reading

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CS#25: Maryanne Raphael Share What Mother Teresa Taught Me

In this interview, Maryanne Raphael tells us about her personal experiences with Mother Teresa and the things that she learned from “Mother” during the time she spent with her.  She discusses her time spent in Calcutta, and her trip to Rome for Mother Teresa’s beatification.  She … Continue reading

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CS#24: Lisa Hendey Shares The Secrets Of The Empire

Okay, so it may not quite be an empire, but Lisa is a great lady and is fun to talk with, so you will really enjoy this interview.  In this interview, Lisa Hendey (also known as Lisa from tells us … Continue reading

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CS#23: Stephen Binz Talks About St. Joseph My Real Estate Agent

In this interview, Stephen Binz discusses the devotion to St. Joseph and the practice of burying a St. Joseph Statue to help sell a house.  Stephen tells about his search for the origins of the St. Joseph Statue devotion, and share … Continue reading

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CS#22: Fr. Joseph Classen Shares About Hunting For God, Fishing For The Lord

In this interview, Fr. Joe Classen shares about his spirituality in the outdoors.  He discusses why hunting brings one closer to nature and why game hunting is respectful to the animals and the environment. He tells why he hunts, and why … Continue reading

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