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CS#11: Jeff Cavins Talks About Adventures in Revelation

In this interview, Jeff Cavins talks about Adventures in Revelation, the latest installment in the Great Adventure through the Bible series.  Jeff discusses the church approved method for scripture study, the symbolism in the book of revelation, and his reasons … Continue reading

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CS#10: Steve Kellmeyer Talks The Sensible Scripture Study

In this interview, Steve Kellmeyer talks about ‘The Sensible Scripture Study’ as the only church approved way for reading the scriptures.  He addresses the four senses of scripture, which are the literal sense, the typological sense, the moral sense, and … Continue reading

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CS#9: Chris Pelicano Talks About Eternity Is Better Christian Tee Shirts

In our interview, Chris Pelicano talks about how he came up with the ideas for Eternity is Better Christian Tee Shirts.  He talks about how it differs from ‘Life is Good’ and other product lines, and how the world today … Continue reading

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