Sponsors Catholic New Media Celebration

The Catholic Company is very proud to announce our sponsorship of the Catholic New Media Celebration.  This celebration will be the largest gathering of Catholic bloggers, podcasters, vidcasters, and other interactive media ever assembled in one place. 

Since the inception of our own Catholic Spotlight podcast, we have been participating and supporting the Catholic New Media community, and we are dedicated to seeing the continued growth of this community as an outreach of The New Evangelization. 

Please join us in supporting Catholic New Media by listening to Catholic podcasts, reading Catholic blogs, attending the conference, and becoming part of the community.

For more info on the Catholic New Media Celebration, visit

Listen to a special message from Greg Willits of Rosary Army (and Catholic New Media Conference coordinator) to the listeners of the Catholic Spotlight.

Here is a partial list of people you will meet at the Catholic New Media Celebration:


  • Mac and Katherine Barron – Hosts of Catholic in a Small Town
  • Dr. Paul Camarata – Host of the SaintCast
  • Chris Cash – Host of Catholic Spotlight
  • Lisa Hendey – Host of Catholic Moments and Catholic Blogger from
  • Zina Gomez-Liss – Host of Catholic City with Zina
  • Joshua LeBlanc – Co-host of Catholic Underground podcast
  • Scott Maentz – Host of
  • Joe McClane – Host of The Catholic Hack
  • Steve Nelson – Host of On The U
  • Javier and Aneesa Plumey – Hosts of Hands and Feet Show
  • Marc Smith – Host of Catholic Vocations Podcast
  • David Sweeney – Co-host of Catholic Family Podcast
  • Kathryn Sweeney – Co-host of Catholic Family Kids Podcast
  • Jeff Vista – Host of Pray Station Portable
  • Rob and Kristen Williams – Hosts of Tupelo Catholic
  • Greg and Jennifer Willits – Hosts of That Catholic Show and the Rosary Army Catholic Podcast


  • Rachel Balducci – Catholic Blogger, Columnist for Diocese of Savannah Catholic newspaper
  • Rebecca Christian – Catholic Blogger, Catholic in Film School
  • Clayton Emmer – Catholic Blogger and Podcaster, Weight of Glory and RCIA Hollywood
  • Pat Gohn – Catholic Blogger, writer, Write In Between Blog
  • Jeff Miller – Catholic Blogger, The Curt Jester Blog
  • Heidi H. Saxton – Catholic Blogger, writer, and editor of Canticle magazine
  • Mark Shea – Catholic Blogger, writer, senior content editor of Catholic Exchange
  • Amy Welborn – Catholic Blogger and Author

Priests in Attendance (Either as speakers, panelists, or attendees)

  • Fr. Seraphim Beshoner – Host of Catholic Under the Hood
  • Fr. Jay Finelli – Host of iPadre
  • Fr. Bill Kessler – Host of Technopriest and Technochurch
  • Fr. Leo Patalinghug – Host Grace Before Meals
  • Fr. Robert Reed – Host of This is the Day
  • Fr. Roderick Vonhögen – Host of the Daily Breakfast and Catholic Insider

Additional Performers, Speakers, and Attendees

  • Popple (Dan Harms and Kyle Heimann)
  • Vinicius Adamo – from the Cancao Nova (New Song) website
  • Susan Gerdvil-
  • Jessica Handley – Webmaster of Archdiocese of Atlanta
  • Maria Johnson – Co-host of the Secrets of Harry Potter and writer of That Catholic Show
  • Capt. Jeff Nielsen – SQPN Store
  • Lino Rulli – Host of The Catholic Guy on Sirius Satellite’s Catholic Channel
  • Jerry Usher – Host of Catholic Answers Live
  • Lisa Wheeler – Maximus Media
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