CS#52: Benjamin Wiker and Mike Sullivan Share About Militant Atheism And Scott Hahn

Note: Dr. Scott Hahn was not able to be part of this conversation due to impending deadlines on other upcoming books. 

What happens when students at Steubenville University start reading Dawkins’ Case Against God and fall away from their faith?  Well, the teachers notice, and Dr. Scott Hahn decided to take action.  He teamed up with Benjamin Wiker and together they developed a point by point answer to all of the augements presented by Dawkins.  In this interview, Ben and I, along with Mike Sullivan, discuss the new atheist movement and why many atheists have become mobilized in their attack on God.  We also discuss some of the logical falicies that the new atheists make in their passionate soundbite style arguements that they are making to the masses.  We also talk about how in their mission rid the world of religious ferver and attrocities, they adopt their own anit-religious ferver that has led to attrocities even greater that they ones they rally against. 


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Items Discussed in this podcast:

Answering the New Atheism – Dismantling Dawkins’ Case Against God

Benjamin Wiker Books Blog

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A VERY special thanks to Dave Miller for providing the awesome music in this podcast.

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2 Responses to CS#52: Benjamin Wiker and Mike Sullivan Share About Militant Atheism And Scott Hahn

  1. frjimt says:

    link to benjamin wiker books blog does not work…….
    suggest that before these are posted to the site, try them out to make sure they are online and active.

    trying to find some references to read further and purchase both the book by "adam" and by benjamin & scott.

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for the tip. They assure me the site is going to be active any day now, so I put the link in anticipation rather than having to keep checking back and posting it later.

    The link above will take you directly to where you can purchase ben and scott’s book. It is still not shipping, but we expect it in the warehouse any day.

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