CS#44: Matt Pinto Tells Us Why I Have To Go To Mass

I think that every parent has heard it at some time.  “Why do I have to go to Church?”  In today’s interview with Matt Pinto, we talk about his new book, Do I Have to Go.  This book is written in the popular question and answer format that Matt used in Did Adam and Eve Have Bellybuttons.  Matt talks with us about how to address the problem of going to church with teens and with younger children.  He also talks about strategies for parents to get as much as possible out of mass with children.  We would also love to hear our listeners’ suggestions in the comments section of this post.  Matt also shares about other new releases from Ascension Press.

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Items Discussed in this podcast:

Do I Have to Go? – 101 Questions About the Mass, the Eucharist, and Your Spiritual Life
Amazing Grace for Families – 101 Stories of Faith, Hope, Inspiration, and Humor

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