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Catholic Scripture Study Bible is available at The Catholic Company.


Chris Cash: Welcome to Catholic Spotlight. This is the Catholic Spotlight, the podcast that we talk about what’s new, cool and exciting in the Catholic marketplace. I’m your host Chris Cash from the Catholic Company, your source for all your Catholic needs.

Today in the Spotlight, we have Gail Buckley from Catholic Scripture Study International program. We’re going to talk a little bit about Catholic Scripture Study International as well as her new reference Bible out. Someone referred to you it is a study Bible, but it – this one is not so much a study Bible as is, is a reference Bible.

And Gail, I’m glad to you have on. You want to talk a little bit about what do you mean by reference Bible and what this encapsulates?

Gail Buckley: Absolutely. Hi Chris, thank you for having me on with you.

Chris Cash: Well, I – you know first off, I should probably say what’s it called so that someone could find it?

Gail Buckley: Okay.

Chris Cash: Gail, it’s not Gail Buckley’s Bible.

Gail Buckley: Oh, no, okay. Well, no, actually, it’s Gods Word absolutely. And I was privileged to add some 76 extra supplemental pages to it. But it’s called the Catholic Scripture Study International Bible. And I think Saint Benedict Press who is the publisher refers to as the official Catholic Scripture Study International Bible. And of course, you can find it on their Website and handbooks and buy it for a Catholic Scripture Study International as well.

Chris Cash: And of course the Catholic Company.

Gail Buckley: And the Catholic Company, absolutely, absolutely. Your first stores.

Chris Cash: So, any of your Catholic bookstores should have this on the shelf, it’s a great resource.

Gail Buckley: Yes, it is. And what I said I qualified it more as a reference Bible is because we’ve had people say well who wrote the study notes. And so, I just wanted to make it clear that this is not Ignatius Study Bible. It doesn’t have you know long study notes in it. At the end of each testament, the end of the old testament, the New Testament, we have what they are called explanatory notes. And of course, at the bottom, you have the little footnotes. But it’s not like the Navarre or the Nation Study Bible for the states.

What we have is several pages on Apologetics, several pages on articles that on are faith you know things about purgatory and health and other aspects of the state, things about advent et cetera. And then, we have several pages of a topical index that I did that I had people call me on numerous occasions, you know no one that I work with the Bible and I teach Bible studies you know, and ask me things like, where can I find a Scripture verse about friendship or where I find something on fornication or whatever you know. And so, I did a topical index with several topics and then under it you can find where you can look up those verses. And so, it’s a easier reference. There’s charts, maps and beautiful pictures as well. I think its what’s really great about it is that you know like when you have someone who is not Catholic who thinks that something is not true unless you can find it in the Bible and they say well where is that in the Bible, you know like they might be speaking about purgatory or celibacy or a Marian doctrine or something. And with this Bible you can open it up to the front where we have Apologetic sex and look up you know celibacy, Marian doctrines, purgatory whatever. And right there in the Bible, its got the references for you to go to the support you know that it might not be explicitly in there, but its subverse in the battle that makes very much sense about purgatory or that explains something that helps them to understand those doctrines.

Chris Cash: Now, what kind of reception is this reference Bible getting out in the scholarly community as well as people out there in the trenches doing Bible studies in Parishes?

Gail Buckley: Oh, we’ve got wonderful feedback. In fact, I don’t think I’ve had one single complaint about it. Well, it’s so that the first printing they are doing the second printing that’s due out the 7th of March. And all the feedback we’ve been getting from both scholars and you know the lay person using it in classroom with the study has been wonderful. They think it’s beautiful. The words I hear the most are beautiful or fantastic, what a great easy reference you know to be able to open up and go to these things about our faith to have it right there at our finger tips, to be able to have it right there in the Bible.

Jim Burnham from San Juan seminars, wonderful person, a good friend was so kind to let me use his, what they refer to as the Bible Cheat Sheet, they sell it on EWTN that plast or that laminated.

Chris Cash: Yes, I used to have one of those that I had stuck in my Bible, anyway for you know – it came in handy.

Gail Buckley: Yes. Oh, yes, exactly it’s wonderful.

Chris Cash: I’ve been confronted on a train before about why you were praying the rosary and then, they’ve gotten to a long discussion. And those kind of references can come in real handy if someone gets into a discussion with you.

Gail Buckley: Absolutely. And we often get in places like on trains and on airlines and places like that where I have recently heard a priest say oh, its almost a penance sometimes you sit down a plane and that way you can quickly get on the ear phones and everything and stick a book on your face. Its usually somebody sitting beside you that says oh, you’re a priest let me ask you this you know. But you know we have that where it’s often confronted with these questions. Jim was so kind to let me use this laminated sheet. What we did is we took the information from that and put it in the Bible right on the pages instead of having to laminate a sheet. It’s right there in the Bible printed on the pages, so that you can go to the Bible and have it. And so, when they say where is that in the Bible, you can open your Bible and say its right here. So, it’s really nice.

Chris Cash: And what do you think is the favorite thing that people are finding out from this Bible?

Gail Buckley: The favorite part…

Chris Cash: Or do you have a personal favorite part of what’s in here?

Gail Buckley: Yes. I – my – well, of course I love it all. I mean, I worked on all of it and put together and then Catholic United for the Faith also gave me permission to use what they have called faith facts, which are articles. They have over 200 of ‘em and I went through them and choose you know some that I liked. And of course, I would have liked to have put much more in it, but as the people at Saint Benedict Press told me, if you are putting more in there we’re not going to be able to sell it, because you’re going to be price it out in the market. We’re going to have to limit how much we can put in here. So, the faith facts are really wonderful as well. But I guess my favorite part would be the Apologetic section. Being a convert to the faith, I like having those easy references that defend our faith and just you know way to come to get to it easily in the Bible, carry the Bible around with me. I don’t have to carry around a separate sheet. Not that that those sheets are not wonderful, but to have it right there in the Bible. And of course, I worked very hard on the topical index and I would like to make that longer too. But I think that’s a good thing to have as well, easy reference to look up words you know where its something in the Bible tattoos or about hoax or you know different things like that.

Chris Cash: So, kind of a many concordance in there as well.

Gail Buckley: Yes, that’s exactly what it is, a many concordance you know.

Chris Cash: Which is always useful.

Gail Buckley: Yes, exactly.

Chris Cash: How does it tie in to the Catholic Scripture Study program that’s been going for several years now?

Gail Buckley: Yes, well, it’s certainly a wonderful thing to have a Bible with you when you are doing the scripture study. We did print in our scripture studies; we print the Bible sections the study is on. But I always want people to have their Bible with them as well. And so, it’s great you know to have our own official CSS Bible. We’ve got in the front of it our patron saint, Saint Jerome and we use his motto. It is a scripture is it’s of Christ, so I have an article of Saint Jerome in there. And so, they feel like those people that – you know we have about 20,000 people using Catholic Scripture Study program and around the world, and so for them to have their own Bible is kind of nice. But this isn’t just exclusively for a Catholic Scripture Study people, because it’s really a great tool for any Catholic you know to have – because it has all this extra information. Its nothing really specifically tied as far as the information in it to Catholic Scripture Study except for this wonderful thing to have a Bible that has this extra information in it when you’re doing Scripture Study.

Chris Cash: Well, why don’t we talk a little bit about what is Catholic Scripture Study International as a whole in case somebody is interested in getting involved in a Catholic Scripture Study?

Gail Buckley: Okay. Okay, well, I started the Catholic Scripture Study program back in 2003. I was working at the time at Catholic exchange where I was the program coordinator or Bible coordinator for Bible studies that we had online that we were promoting. And so, I was the one who taught all the people either by e-mail or phone about trying to get a – start a study group in their parishes or their homes or whatever to using the Bible studies that we had. And all I ever heard all the time was oh, I’m sorry we – I couldn’t do that, I could never lead a Bible study, I’ll study this on my own, but I’m just not knowledgeable enough. So, what I did is developed a program, I taught a program whereby we give them everything they need. So, the person that’s going to be leading this Bible study doesn’t even have to know scripture, because we give them the commentary so they’re written by renowned authors and scholars like Scott Hahn, Mark Shea, Steve Ray. We’ve got wonderful authors. They have written these commentaries to go with the books, like a we do say a study on Matthew, we do a link the 28 week study and we go in-depth. But we give them the commentary, we give ‘em all the parts of the study, the questions. We provide the answers to the leader and on top of that we provide video lectures done by a priest. On each lesson that sort of sums it all up. In addition, to that we have a forum where they can e-mail the author to ask additional questions if they want to. And so, the person who steps up to the plate to lead this study really doesn’t have to know anything, because we provide everything they need, all the answers, the videos. And so, if someone asked ‘em a question they could say well, we wait and see what Father says on the video about that. And if Father doesn’t address their question, they say, well, why don’t you send a e-mail to the Website or you know. So, they never have to really answer any questions.

I also wrote a program manual that gives a step by step instructions on how to set this up and implement it in their parish or their home. Every step that they need to take and just the easy a, b, c’s you know. And so, it’s like Steve Ray likes to call it Bible study in a box. He said you just open the box and its all ready stir – at border stir and it’s all ready to go. You don’t really had to have any experience or notes, scriptures, you just set it up in your – so it’s really a wonderful thing for priest too, because they are so busy. A lot of them want a good Bible study, a good faithful Bible study, faithful to the Magisterium in their Parish, but they don’t have time to lead in. They don’t have time to train somebody and they don’t want to be worried about whose leading the study and what they are saying you know. So, this way they can hand this over to some lay person in their parish and know that its faithful and they don’t have to worry about people being there *** [12:58].

Chris Cash: And one thing that I have always noted about the Catholic Scripture Study program is it doesn’t just tie in the Bible. It also includes lessons on history and on the – and ties Catechism into the lessons as well, which you don’t see in a lot of studies.

Gail Buckley: Right, right. In every lesson of every study we do, every lesson contains a link to the Catechism. We have a Catechism – different Catechism quotes that relate to that lesson. We have a same quote in every lesson. We have a paper quote in every lesson and a summary. So, we tie it all together. Plus for a example, I think if you are familiar Scott Hahn’s work. He does a lot of typology. And so with typology what I mean is how the Old Testament relates to things in the New Testament you know. It prefigures things in the New Testament like the man in the Old Testament prefiguring the Eucharist. You know in the New Testament Jesus says you had to eat my flesh and drink my blood, things like that. And so, we go back and forth so that people get an overall view of the Bible. So if they’re study and say the Gospel of Matthew, they’re going to go – be going back and forth in the Old Testament and they start to see how it all comes together. They get the big picture instead of just studying the same verses of Matthew, we go back and forth. It also helps them to learn the way around Bible. We have people that when I first started teaching Bible Study, would come in you know when I’d say okay well turn to genesis, and they’d say is the back or the front. Well, things like that, and you know and they have come so far. I mean, they are just one *** [14:40] coming to my classroom now and they have all their concordances and their Navarre and their *** [14:46] and all kinds of stuff laying out on the table when they are all set to go. And they are on top of things now and they really know their way around.

And but I don’t want to make any but I think they have to be you know, know a lot of scripture to come to a Bible study class, because the questions and all are written so that they’re good for a beginner or scholar, because they’re not *** [15:11] down, but yet we give references where they can find the answers and they don’t have to sit there and think you know I have no idea where to go. And so, everybody really enjoys it. And the fellowship is wonderful to come together in a group study like that.

Chris Cash: How many different scripture studies does the Catholic Scripture Study series encompass?

Gail Buckley: Well, I think we have about 16 to 17 books now, we’re working on about four others right now and a lot of things in the works, but we have a whole difference. And we don’t just have Bible studies; we have a study on Humanae Vitae that Father Frank Pavone did a videos to go with that. We also have studies with that *** [15:53]. And we’re now Pat Madrid is planning to do an Apologetic study for us. So, we have you know – I’m thinking about doing a Catechism study as well with some others that I have talked to they are doing that. So, it’s not this scripture, we have a lot of faith related studies. But we have short studies and what we call program studies, which are those lengthy studies I was talking about. The short studies you know like they have a study on Ephesians, it’s like 12 weeks I believe. And we have a study on Amos, it’s a five week study. We have a great passion study for Lent, a five week study that’s very popular. And our ADVENT study, Father Mitch Pacwa did the videos for our ADVENT study last year.

Chris Cash: Now, if you are looking for more information on the scripture studies, where would someone be able to look and find that?

Gail Buckley: Our Website is or they can go to But is the best way to get there. And we’re having a conference this summer in August in Charlotte, North Carolina, so if they go to CSS conference they can find out about that. We have the great speakers Marcus Grodi, Patrick Madrid, Father Mitch Pacwa, Father Winslow, lots of good people.

Chris Cash: Now, do a lot of parishes start these in the fall or when would be a good time to be looking for someone doing a study?

Gail Buckley: Well, it varies, but the majority of our classes or majority of the group that use our studies are from start in the fall and end in the spring, they do the full length studies. You know I think it’s a seven month study in one book of the Bible. But that varies, we’ve got – I’ve talked to one group, contacted me yesterday and next year they’re planning to do three of our short studies that random all together, so that they can get three different things. They are going to do our witness study and our – the printing and study and then the Humanae Vitae study. So, and they started different times, especially the ones international, they are not on the same schedule we are, so they are different times.

Chris Cash: Is there a way for people to find a study near them?

Gail Buckley: Yes, we have on our Website a place that’s called Find a class, unfortunately not all of our classes are registered there. Depends on the study leader whether you know we’ve got a big class out in Omaha Nebraska with 250 people and they are not registered on our site, because its up to the study leader you know whether they want to register their class there and the take of the extra resources we might have there. We have some groups, like that one group, they don’t use our videos. The leader has been doing Bible study for years and she does her own lecture, so she doesn’t use our video lectures but she uses our written material. So, that’s why she’s not registered on the Website. But so, not all of ‘em are registered there, but they can get a good idea. And if they can’t find it they can call our toll free number, which is on the Website or write to us at and ask if there’s a study near them. If it’s not listed on the Website, we might be able to tell them.

Chris Cash: Now aside from the conference that you are getting ready to put on, are there other places that people could see you speak about scripture study or are you available to be invited to speak?

Gail Buckley: Yes, I do speak in the conferences or at parish events or whatever and I am always available for you know that. And I don’t have any – see I’m trying to say – don’t have anything coming up anytime soon except for the conference here in Charlotte. But there’s a video of me on our Website telling about Catholic Scripture Study if they wanted to see me and hear me. But and then, there’s some things on YouTube, where I’ve been with Steve Ray programs and things like that. And of course, the Journey Home.

Chris Cash: Well, thank you so much Gail. Was there anything else you wanted to share with our listeners before we finish up here?

Gail Buckley: I can’t think of anything except that it’s not too late to get a study for Lent and get it in your parish or do it individually. If you want to order for us, we get them out right away. And we would love for anyone to come and try our studies, so I think you’d love it. And I hope they’ll get the CSS Bible, it’s a wonderful Bible. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about it.

Chris Cash: Well, you’re welcome Gail. It’s always a pleasure to talk about Catholic Bibles to begin with. And this is an exceptionally well done one, so you know thankful – we’re all thankful for the time and effort that you’ve put into – putting these resources together in a useful and understandable way for the rest of us, so thank you so much.

Gail Buckley: Thank you, Chris. Thank you, Chris. You have a blessed day.

Chris Cash: You too, god bless.

Gail Buckley: Bye, bye.


Transcript of Interview with Gail Buckley about Catholic Scripture Study Bible. This interview and others like it can be found at

Listen Now to the audio version of the show.

Catholic Scripture Study Bible is available at The Catholic Company.

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