CS#37: Tim Staples Catholic Apologetics Lessons

If you ever want to get excited about  being catholic and learn a lot in the process, then you want to listen to Tim Staples, one of the top apologists at Catholic Answers.  Tim has an incredible conversion story about how he went from Southern Baptist to Catholic, and he is an absolute fireball of information about the faith. Tim talks about his new tapes on understanding Mary and and the Saints, and how to defend these Catholic Doctrines from Protestant attacks.  And Tim makes sure that you won’t be paralyzed by big words like hypostatic union by breaking them down and explaining exactly what they mean and why we use them in discussing the teachings of the church.  Don’t be fooled, exact words and exact definitions are very important in understanding church teachings since a wrong understanding about one word can lead to major doctrinal misunderstandings of other things.

Tim also Talks about the Catholic Answers Apologetics Cruise to Alaska this summer.    Cruisers will experience the wonders of Alaska as well as daily mass and talks from the talented apologists Tim Staples, Jimmy Akin, Mark Shea, and Jim Blackburn. This is one cruise you won’t want to miss.

Also, fans of apologetics should check out The Catholic Hack Podcast by Joe McClean.

Items Discussed in this podcast:

The Gospel Truth About Mary – The Immaculate Conception And The Mother Of God
The Gospel Truth About Mary – Volume 2
Staples vs Greg – Faith Under Fire
Friends in High Places
All Tim Staples items

You can find more information about the Catholic Answers Apologetics Cruise at www.catholicanswerscruise.com or call 800-707-1634 to talk with The Cruise Authority about this awesome cruise on Holland America Cruise Lines.

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A VERY special thanks to Dave Miller for providing the awesome music in this podcast.

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5 Responses to CS#37: Tim Staples Catholic Apologetics Lessons

  1. GADEL says:

    Tim Staples is a blessing to the Catholic Apologetics community.

  2. Rob says:

    Tim Staples obviously knows his stuff. We can’t ever have enough informed Catholics spreading the truth and refuting the lies and myths against Catholicism.

    How to Defend the Catholic Faith

  3. Miguel Serrano says:

    i want some help with J.W., stating that Jesus is human not GOD.

  4. Curt Biele says:

    Hi Tim,
    I am a big fan of yours since I heard you at 10:00 AM central time when you had your own show on EWTN. I heard you today 8/3/10 speak of hell to a listener on Catholic Answers. My question is from a pre-Vatican ll person who grew up as a believer in line with 2000 years of those who feared burning in hell. Why do you go along with the modern view of hell as a spiritual punishment? Don’t you believe that at the final judgment when all are resurrected hell will be the Gehena that Jesus spoke of?
    Those who have come to believe through reason and faith that the Catholic Church is the true Church need to somehow think pre Vatican ll before all the scandals and heresy. They are so many that I only have to quote Bishop Sheen who told parents not to send their kids to Catholic high school in the seventies if they wanted them to remain Catholic. I am a lover of the Church and our Pope. I am also a person who knew a time when fewer Catholics went to communion, but even more went to confession when they feared burning in hell for living in mortal sin. The confessional lines were full every Saturday night. It really was like that once.

  5. rowena velasquez says:

    Dearest Mr. Staples:
    I am very blessed going thru your tape on “All generations shall call me blessed.” Thank you. I enjoyed your passion for the Lord. You are a a blessing to the Catholic church.
    I’m at the stage of using the Douay-Rheims version of the bible in Kindle because I could not find a Catholic New American translation in Kindle (the version that I perseonally like becuase it is digestible to me at my level). I kinda like the Kindle though because it is very light. (My New Amrican translation is quite too heavy and beginning to be too worn out already with pages falling over.) Would you kindly give me a “conversion table” of all bible verses form New American to Dhouay Reims (or where can I google to get one?). Example, Psalm 23 in New American is Psalm 22 in Dhouay Rheims.
    God bless,

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