CS#32: Greg Willits and Jennifer Willits Discuss Rosary Army, SQPN, and That Catholic Show

That Catholic Show DVDAre you tired of the same old garbage on the morning radio?  Well look no farther because Rosary Army and SQPN are here to save you from the mundane morning drive.  Check out these shows for an uplifting and faith filled way to spend you drive time, laundry time, or any time that you have to spare.  They offer the best Catholic pod casts around.  In today’s interview, Greg and Jennifer Willits talk about the creation of their online outreaches and several of their outstanding programs.  You will also be treated to information on the brand new That Catholic Show DVD.  That Catholic Show is a series of short programs on basic matters of the faith, however, it is not your typical Sunday school video.  They draw stylistically from the Food Network (thanks Alton Brown), the Discovery Channel, and many other modern cultural influences to create a show that is fun, entertaining, and solidly informative about the Catholic faith.  Topics of the faith are treated with the dignity that they deserve without loosing the attention of your Religious Education class with hours of talking heads.  Please support this outstanding program by purchasing a copy of the DVD for your DRE, kids, godchildren, and anyone else who needs a nudge in the faith.  You can watch one of the 8 episodes in this DVD by clicking on the TV screen below.

Items Discussed in this podcast:

That Catholic Show DVD


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A VERY special thanks to Dave Miller for providing the awesome music in this podcast.

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2 Responses to CS#32: Greg Willits and Jennifer Willits Discuss Rosary Army, SQPN, and That Catholic Show

  1. Jack Odgaard says:

    I will be ordering That Catholic Show DVDs and am putting Rosary Army, SQPN, AND the Catholic Company in the various refernce files and places on my PC and other contact info.

    This is great stuff. I was just searching Catholic online sources for gifts and ranges and types of products handled (crosses and pendants; crucifixes; Bibles and references; etc.).

    Great apostolates and sources. Congrats to the Catholic Company for your business and outreach to help promote all these sources. I’ve just retired and am working in volunteer efforts to help spread the good news (Catholic evangelization) and our pro-life causes, and since I just moved from the Northwest Pacific to Nebrasak (where five of my six children and several grandkids are), I’m making new connections.

    God bless you all, and we’ll no doubt be in touch and perhaps meet in the future. — Jack Odgaard (Diocese of Lincoln)

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