CS#30: Tajci Tatiana Cameron Talks About Her Journey From European Pop Star To Christian Singer

In this interview, Tajci, aka Tatiana Cameron, tells her amazing story about becoming a pop star in Europe, living the life of the rich and famous, and giving it all up to come to America and find meaning in her life. At age 19, she represented Yugoslavia in the EuroSong contest (a European precursor to American Idol) and was propelled to star status with her performance of Hajde da Ludujemo.  For 2 years, she lived the rich life, but felt plagued by her stardom and her inability to walk out the door without bodyguards and paparazzi.  At age 21, she gave away all but a few hundred dollars of her money and headed to America where she could be anonymous again.  She spent several years working and going to school, and eventually started touring again delivering the message of Christ to her concert goers.

Items Discussed in this podcast:

Cd’s and DVDs by Tajci

Tajci’s Website at www.idobelieve.com
Tajci’s Blog at www.tajci.net
Tajci on YouTube – Check this out to see her early pop star videos including her appearance in the EuroSong Contest

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A VERY special thanks to Dave Miller for providing the awesome music in this podcast.

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3 Responses to CS#30: Tajci Tatiana Cameron Talks About Her Journey From European Pop Star To Christian Singer

  1. Marissa Machado says:

    I really want to say thank you for your autograph you gave me on my I beileve T shirt. Thank you. It was a fantastic concert.
    I was one of the people from St Bridgit in Jonh’s Creek Ga.
    Thanks for coming.

  2. Hi,i would like to send tatiana an e mail,i have similar life story,please help,peter

  3. Ana Churches says:

    It is wonderful to fine a Christian singer that is a woman, and one who lives the word of Christ by giving it all away. We pray God helps you find a good way to sing out His song and keep yourself holy. We will keep you in our daily prayers as we pray for more good Catholic singers who can keep the focus. God bless you always.

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