CS#29: Roberta Gilbert Shares About Using Bowen Theory In Ministry

In this interview, Roberta Gilbert explains how an understanding of Bowen Theory has helped ministers across the country become more effective in managing their ministries and family lives.  Roberta tells the basics of what Bowen Theory is and why it is so effective in improving relationships.  She tells about how when she started using Bowen Theory in her private practice, she saw the 95% divorce rate in clients take an astounding nosedive to 5% or less.  Her efforts became so effective that a large minister association came to her and asked her to develop a ministry training program to help them deal better with their congregations.  Listen in and find out what Bowen Theory has to offer not just pastors, but everyone who wants to improve their family and social group interactions.

Items Discussed in this podcast:

Books by Roberta Gilbert

Center for the Study of Human Systems

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