CS#125: Matt Baglio The Rite

In the interview, I speak with Matt Baglio about The Rite. This book covers the Vatican training process for a new exorcist.

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Items Discussed in this podcast:

The Rite

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A VERY special thanks to Dave Miller for providing the awesome music in this podcast.

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3 Responses to CS#125: Matt Baglio The Rite

  1. Judy Fiorello says:

    I found this podcast very enteresting & enlightening. I really hope the movie does not portray the Catholic church in a negative light as Hollywood always does. We need more people in the arts & entertaintment business that SUPPORT the Church, not tear it down. I also hope that Matt has returned to being a practicing Catholic after learning the power of the Sacraments of the Church. Spiritual Warfare is something Catholics really need to learn more about. Blessings of Mary be with you.
    Judy Fiorello
    Pittsburgh PA

  2. lilian says:

    I found this podcast because after I saw the movie. I wanted to know more about the real story behind this movie. I liked it because it shows how wrong we are for being in denial with the existence of the forces of evil, which is why it is so easy for evil to take over so many sources nowadays. I believe that medias like this one are a strong weapon to win over evil. I’m a catholic but I was away from my faith and thanks to a catholic channel, I’m coming back home and I never felt so good as I do now. Thanks God for the chance and many blessing to the people who are responsible for this podcast.

  3. kercanin says:

    Lilian …. thanks for this testimony!!! i am pleased an thankful for your coming back to the Church… I’m looking forward on seeing this movie… i truly believe that the devil wants to convince us that he doesn’t exist….and many movies have that in their message… so I believe that this will show opposite… that he is present, and we should believe that he is real! but if we are in faith and close relationship with Jesus, that doesn’t make any problem… Glory be to God!!! god bless

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