CS#26: Steve Ray Tells About Footprints Of God DVD Series

In this interview, Steve Ray talks about some of the interesting things that have happened during the making for the Footprints of God DVD series, from helicopter hijackings to getting arrested for buring bushes.  The fun never seems to stop when you are making award winning videos in Egypt and the Holy Land.  Steve also talks about his awesome adventures as a Holy Land tour guide and reveals his plans to nap for a year after finishing the series.  Of course, he probably won’t be gone for too long because he has plans for several more bible studies and for another 10 video set based on the history of the church. 

Items Discussed in this podcast:

www.jerusalemjones.com – Steve’s Tour Company – Book your tour now!

All of Steve Ray’s books and videos
Footprints of God DVD series

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A VERY special thanks to Dave Miller for providing the awesome music in this podcast.

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2 Responses to CS#26: Steve Ray Tells About Footprints Of God DVD Series

  1. Anna & Aristide Christoforidis says:

    My husband & I love your ‘Footprints of God’ series. We want to get it into the Catholic High Schools here in Australia. Do these DVD’s play on Australian equipment because we have had trouble in the past with some DVD’s from America.

    Do you have a distributer in Australia?
    There is a great need in Australia. Our Catholic High Schools are almost pagan and the teachers are not equiped to teach religion. Would you get back to us so we can get something started.

  2. ramon says:

    Anna & Aristide,

    You’ll find the films on sale at the christian bookshop at the corner of George & Elizabeth St., Wynyard Sydney. Forgot the name of the shop but its there.

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