CS#24: Lisa Hendey Shares The Secrets Of The CatholicMom.com Empire

Okay, so it may not quite be an empire, but Lisa is a great lady and is fun to talk with, so you will really enjoy this interview. 

In this interview, Lisa Hendey (also known as Lisa from CatholicMom.com) tells us about the origins of her sites, why she got started, and many of the things that she has learned over the years as a top Catholic webmaster.  Lisa shares tips for anyone considering starting their own site, and discusses how www.CatholicMom.com went from its humble beginnings to being a mecca of information about parenting with a liberal smattering of children’s resources thrown in for color.  Lisa also shares some fun stories about the people she has met and worked with over the years

Items Discussed in this podcast:

My wife Becky’s new Catholic Mom Column – At Home Mama – A reference for mom’s juggling children and a home based business.

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A VERY special thanks to Dave Miller for providing the awesome music in this podcast.

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One Response to CS#24: Lisa Hendey Shares The Secrets Of The CatholicMom.com Empire

  1. Maria Davis says:

    Loved the interview with Lisa from CatholicMom.com She is such an inspiration to all on stepping out with our Faith and what one person can accomplish with God and Our Blessed Mother. I met Lisa over the internet when she ordered my daughter, Angelina’s CD. When she saw our address she asked if in fact we lived in that certain area. When I told yes, she was amazed, we live just down the street from her Father and Mother and Sister. My husband actually golfs with her dad. What a small world. I’ve come to know Lisa and her family and what a special faithfilled family they are. God bless and thank you for bringing such good programming to the Internet. Maria

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