Scott Hahn Conversion Story On Audio MP3

The Dr. Scott Hahn Conversion Story is almost certainly the most listened to Catholic audio program over the last several years, and maybe of all time.  Scott Hahn’s tells his powerful journey from Presbeterian pastor to Catholic evangelist  Find out his compelling reasons for converting to catholicism despite the tremendous pressure from friends and family, including his wife.  Learn how many of the people who were asked to ‘save’ Scott from becoming Catholic actually ended up joining him.  Also learn how Scott’s convincing biblical arguments for Catholicism brought a flood of protestants into the Catholic Church, leading to Dr. Hahn being called “Luther in Reverse”.

Download RA Here

 I apologize that this file is in RA format instead of MP3.  If you wish to convert it, you can find a program to convert it to MP3 for free at Jodix.

You can also order a copy of the Scott Hahn Conversion Story in CD, Book, or DVD formats.

Listen to our interview with Scott Hahn about Reasons to Believe.

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