How You Can Help

For many years, we have sat back and watched whatever the major networks have shown us or listened to whatever our local radio stations have played us.  One of the most amazing things about blogs and podcasts is that those days are now over.  Anyone with something to say (good or bad) can be heard by the world.  Of course, this also presents a challenge in that everyone with a message is now competeing for a chance to share their message with the world.  With so much programming available, how is anyone supposed to find the good programs.  The only way we can get the message out about our great online programming is with your help!

Why should you help us? 
A larger audience means that we can post episodes more often, have more giveaways and other incentives, and offer a wider variety of shows.  It also means that more people can learn about the wonderful Catholic books that are available to spread the Good News.

What you can do:

Remember that subscribing to our feeds, reviewing our show, and voting for our show at the various podcast sites helps to raise our show in the rankings at these sites and improving our exposure to casual browsers.

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  1. Craig Horton says:

    Dear Sir: I wanted to ask you if you would consider interviewing Tom Monaghan on a future Podcast. He is the former CEO and Owner of Domino’s Pizza Company and is now the major force behind the creation of Ave Maria University in Southwest Florida. He is someone who could give some insight into what it means to be a Catholic and have a business. He could talk about Ave Maria University and how he applies his business success experience to making this project a success for the Catholic faithful. I enjoy your Podcast show. Craig Horton

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