CS#17: Kimberly Hahn Interview Chosen And Cherished And Proverbs 31

chosen and cherishedIn this interview, Kimberly Hahn talks about her new catholic bible study book and DVD, Chosen and Cherished – Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage.  This book is an extension of the More Precious Than Jewels study that she did on Proverbs 31 over 16 years ago.  Her new study is the beginning of a 4 part series that is intended to be published over the next 3 years, although there are no contracts setting a definite timeline.  In the first study, Kimberly talks about the challenges of marriage and balancing commitments to our spouse, our children, and our Lord.  She talks about fighting fair, dealing with children, forgiveness, and how help your marriage not just survive, but thrive.

Kimberly Hahn is a popular speaker on topics of marriage, family and children.  She is married to Dr. Scott Hahn, and you can find more info on both of them at www.scotthahn.com.

Items Discussed in this podcast:

Chosen and Cherished book
Chosen and Cherished DVD

All Kimberly Hahn Books

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A VERY special thanks to Dave Miller for providing the awesome inspirational music in this podcast.

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    hi friends,peace and goodness,may the lord bless you,may the lord keep you,may his face shine upon you,may he give you his peace and many blessings.peace be with you love ed champagne.st.john 3;15-18 st.john 14;27

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