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Transcript of Interview with Valerie & David N. Calvillo about Real Men Pray the Rosary. This interview and others like it can be found at

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Real Men Pray the Rosary

Catholic Casa Podcast

Chris: This is the Catholic Spotlight, the show where we talk about what’s cool, new, cool and exciting in the Catholic marketplace. I’m your host, Chris Cash, director if e-commerce for, your source for all your Catholic needs.

Today in the Spotlight, we have David and Valerie from Real Men Pray the Rosary. That is as well, right?

David: Yes, sir, dot-org and dot-com.

Chris Cash: Very good. We’re going to be talking a little bit about what is Real Men Pray the Rosary and what are all the things that are going in to this because this is just a really incredible outreach that you guys put together. I think it’s got very broad appeal and you’ve definitely demonstrated the broad appeal just with your Facebook group. You told me you started your Facebook group right after the Catholic new media celebration which was approximately two months ago, and so far – I’m looking at it right now – you have over 2700 fans of your group as well as 400 members of your group. So, have a fan page and a group, and between the two you got over 3,000 people who signed up and said I want to be part of this. In two months, that is just incredible I think.

David: Thank you. We’re really excited, and I told you it’s been so inspiring to be part of that, the rosary community that is really global community. We’ve got folks from all over the country and all over the world and have learned so much. We both have learned so much from the folks that are in that community.

Chris Cash: Of course being part of that rosary community ourselves now with We are glad to be joining into it with you. Can you tell me about the origins of Real Men Pray the Rosary? Were did the idea come from and what are your goals with the group?

David: I guess there are several different purposes for the apostolate. It started off with nothing short of the Holy Spirit. I went to a men’s retreat where I experienced something that I’ve never seen before, and that was 80 men praying the rosary. It was so moving to me that it nearly brought tears to my eyes, and prior to that I had thought the rosary was for old ladies and for funerals. Put it under the heading of “I should have listened to mom a long time ago” because it’s something that my mother has always promoted within our family and none of us has really paid much attention in.

So, since then I thought it was very manly for all these macho, primarily Latino Hispanic men to be praying the rosary and the Holy Spirit put the thought in my head that we should have a group called Real Men Pray the Rosary. That evolved into a logo, we got the idea for a logo that was built on a powerful manly fist holding the rosary and I’ll attribute that to one of my retreat brothers named Alex. Alex Gamboa always wears his rosary around his fist and that’s just the way he goes through life, that rosary never far from his body. So we got that into a logo, we got it into the hands of a very talented graphic artist and it’s just taken off. We have a variety of different purposes that we do that we pursue with Real Men Pray the Rosary. Just recently my wife and I launched a podcast called Catholic Casa and I’ll let her talk a little more about that.

Valerie: Yes, Catholic Casa is Su Casa and it’s a small extension and kind of a look into our data lives in the family. We have five children in the house from ages 19 to three years old, all of this fun and exciting things that go on there and all of the beautiful sacraments that we enjoy together, primarily praying the rosary in the family. Even our three year olds get into that in the evening. So, it’s quite beautiful. Real Men Pray the Rosary has really been something that I think have moved my husband spiritually. As he said he’s learned so much from the community and sharing on Facebook in another capacity. It’s really been a beautiful thing and a blessing to us more than anything. So, we thank the Holy Spirit for that.

Chris Cash: There is this real movement among young people as well toward praying the rosary. Have you guys seen the I Pray the Rosary You Tube video?

David: Yes, it was beautiful. One of the ladies that’s in the SQPN connect network, Barb from Nebraska whom a lot of us know by legend and folklore only, but Barb from Nebraska sent that video along and it was amazing. It was great to see. We’ve got a couple of Real Men Pray the Rosary stories about teen, and we feel very confident that the next generation of Catholics are going to have the rosary as a prime part of their spiritual journey as well.

Chris Cash: If you have trouble finding that video folks, I will try to remember to put a link to it in the show notes. But if not, you can also find that video posted on the Catholic Company Facebook page, there along with a whole bunch of people’s comments on what they thought about it. It’s just a really neat video to watch. I highly, highly recommend it.

So, what is it now that you’re doing with Real Men Pray the Rosary going forward here? You got the website, you’ve got some merchandise that you’re putting together, you’re starting to create a community. Is that kind of the overall goal here, is to create this community?

David: That’s been one of the benefits of it, but there’s a variety of different purposes. One of which is to take the exhortation from Pope John Paul II, our beloved Pope, who in October 2002 told us all we needed to be evangelizing the rosary. I read this apostolate letter and it sparked a fire in me along with the other resources that I’ve read. So, the first overall purpose is to evangelize the praying of the rosary, that’s the main thing. Within that, we were inspired also by Greg and Jennifer Willits, their legacy continues to touch people, and we were one of those. We learned how to tie rosaries in the Rosary Army way. That is one of the things that you’ll see when you go to our Facebook page is we have passed on that legacy here in our little corner of the world and have gone into many spiritual retreats and events here in our community where we’re teaching people how to make those rosaries, and we do it under the condition that they pass it on to somebody else at some point.

So, we’ve literally had 70, 80 people here in our law office and in parish halls, etc. where you have fathers and their teenage sons competing as to who can make the best looking rosary, sitting alongside a grandmother and a granddaughter and their daughter. So you got three generations of folks all kind of urging each other to tie the best-looking rosary. Then afterwards what we do is we’ll pray the rosary as a community. It’s among the best ways to spend the Sunday afternoon in particular that we’ve ever encountered.

Chris Cash: We’re going to take a short break here to hear from our sponsor, we’ll be right back in just a minute with David and Valerie from Real Men Pray the Rosary. This is The Catholic Spotlight.


Chris Cash: We’re back on The Catholic Spotlight with David and Valerie. We’re talking about Real Men Pray the Rosary. Valerie, how do you fit in with Real Men, is there going to be a Real Women Pray the Rosary apostolate come along too or is it just all kind of integrated in to one?

Valerie: Right now it’s all kind of integrated into one and Catholic Casa is more of what I’m going to be focusing on, although there are hundreds of women that belong to Real Men Pray the Rosary fan on Facebook and are very active in the community, sharing in the discussion on Real Men Pray the Rosary. So it’s not only for men but it’s for women because many of us have a lot of men in our lives we’re encouraging to pray the rosary.

Chris Cash: My wife would be saying, “Hey, Chris, I’ve found this group for you.”

Valerie: There you go.

Chris Cash: Which by the way I’ve already drawing the fan group, so everybody out there come along and join in with me, be a fan.

Valerie: Yes, it’s a very spiritual and uplifting group to be a part of. So my piece of it is more of the Catholic Casa with David and all of our adventures in our lives. One thing that’s important to me is history and culture, so I’m going to be doing research and sharing what we’ve learned on our podcast as well as on our blog on the website, on the cultural traditions that we have done here in South Texas as well as other traditions and history of the church that I’ll exploring so that we keep those traditions and that culture and that history alive. Many of us, including myself have forgotten or not learned as we’ve grown up what our traditions are and what our history is, the people in this Catholic. So, going back into that and learning and sharing that with people so that we keep our traditions and our history alive. It’s very important to me especially as I have children and want them to learn as much as they can as their young.

Chris Cash: How many shows do you have for Catholic Casa so far?

Valerie: So far we’ve done two and we’re getting ready to do our third and our fourth one in the next couple of weeks.

Chris Cash: Of course for those of you out there listening long beyond August of 2009, I’m sure there will be many, many more Catholic Casa shows available. Where can people find your show, Catholic Casa, by the way?

David: Chris, you can find it on iTunes. But one of the reasons that we call it Catholic Casa is that we’re trying to do it in a bilingual base. We’re from South Texas which is along the border here with Mexico, and we call it Catholic Casa because here the way we normally communicate is we mix English and Espanol. So you will find us mixing English and Spanish because that is just the way we generally communicate here. So, Valerie and myself will be communicating in what we like to call texmec or occasionally Spanglish.

Valerie: Yes, it’s a good thing, and the other aspect of it is incorporating art into it as well. So we have artists that we’re going to be featuring and introducing to our listeners that are upcoming or people that we’ve heard of that are just great Catholic artists that use spirituality in their music.

Chris Cash: Now if I’m sitting out here without an iPod, where can I find this outside of iTunes?

David: You can go to and do a quick search for Catholic Casa and we’ll be there.

Chris Cash: Very, very good. Now, do you have a logo picked put for Real Women Pray the Rosary yet or is that still kind of in development?

Valerie: Still pending.

David: Chris, let me tell you something about the involvement of women in Real Men. Any real man knows that you can’t do anything without a real woman standing next to you and usually pushing you along, and to get anything along you need a real woman. That’s certainly the case in our household. Those that know Valerie know that she’s not my better half, she my much better half. That’s important because if you look at the statistics on who our members of Real Men Pray the Rosary, most of them are men, I’ll concede that. But of those that respond and those that I’ve learned from at least are women. So, Valerie’s correct that Real Men Pray the Rosary is composed a good portion of which by women. We certainly invite women to join that website, that Facebook page and teach us a few things as we always do.

Chris Cash: That is always a good way to go about it I think. So, do you have any final things that you want to share with our listeners before we finish up here?

David: We would just thank the Catholic Company for giving us this opportunity. I think that Valerie will tell you that certainly when we go online to buy our gifts and spiritual religious articles, the Catholic Company is at the top of our searches, so we generally start there and we thank you that. We would ask folks to continue to pray for us and teach us some more. We know we’ve got a lot to learn and would hope that we would continue to grow along in this journey.

Valerie: Pray the rosary because it’s a beautiful prayer and it’s a beautiful lesson in Christ’s teachings and our history.

David: Don’t forget, Chris, Catholic Casa is…

Valerie: …Su Casa

Chris Cash: Very good. I’m looking forward to hearing your show, I actually have not heard it yet. But I’m going to have to go and subscribe now, we’re going to be including as many links as I can remember in the show notes when I get those up. For those of you out there, like I said earlier, be sure to go over, join the Facebook group, check out the website. and and get involved in this community, share it with others, let people know because we want to create that rosary army out there helping other people to come closer to God as well as intercessing for the rest of our world. I know everybody out there knows, our world needs a lot of intercession right now.

David: Amen.

Chris Cash: Thank you very much guys for coming on, thank you for all the work you do and God bless.

David: Amen. Thank you, same to you.

Valerie: Thank you very much for having us.

Chris Cash: I almost forgot, one more thing, Deacon Tom who’s been made very famous by being on the Catholic Moments podcast, he has just started his own podcast with his lovely wife, Dee. It is called Catholic Vitamins. I’m going to play a little promo for that here before we sign off.

Transcript of Interview with Valerie & David N. Calvillo about Real Men Pray the Rosary. This interview and others like it can be found at

Listen Now to the audio version of the show.

Real Men Pray the Rosary

Catholic Casa Podcast

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