CS#11: Jeff Cavins Talks About Adventures in Revelation

In this interview, Jeff Cavins talks about Adventures in Revelation, the latest installment in the Great Adventure through the Bible series.  Jeff discusses the church approved method for scripture study, the symbolism in the book of revelation, and his reasons for growing a beard.  He also tells about the history of revelation and what makes Adventure in Revelation different from other Revelation bible studies on the market.

Jeff Cavins has been a protestant pastor, Catholic apologist, author, radio host, and TV host.  He is currently working on the Great Adventure though the Bible series, which is probably the most popular catholic scripture study available today.  Find Jeff’s blog at www.jeffcavins.com.

Items Discussed in this podcast:

Adventures in Revelation
Adventures in Acts
The Great Adventure 24-Week Course
Adventures in Matthew
T3 The Teen Bible Timeline

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Thank you to Kim Overmyer, director of adult ministry at St. Alphonsus in Zionsville, for today’s intro. 

A VERY special thanks to Dave Miller for providing the awesome music in this podcast.

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3 Responses to CS#11: Jeff Cavins Talks About Adventures in Revelation

  1. Doreen Casey says:

    I purchased and am listening to Teen Timeline DVD. He talks so fast and
    drops his voice ( I can’t find his name) His delivery is so poor in terms of racing his speech that it has made me reluctant to buy any more of your programs. This one is almost useless and it cost $150. I am not talking about Jeff Cavins, I am talking about the young man on Teen Timeline.
    The products are not returnable and Teen Timeline is a disaster. H

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  3. T. A. Gyorgak says:

    Mr Cavins,

    I am Teviah Gyorgak, an orthodox Jew in St Paul, MN Last night, while attending, a scheduled speech by Rep. John Kline, under the auspices of the Republican Jewish Coalition, a woman who is concerned with interfaith support for Israel and moral cause mentioned your name.

    This year’s elections cycle will come at the confluences of many events,
    The energy of young, all too often unread and unschooled, voters who are being mesmerized by a glib speaker who rants about “Change” and offers improbable solutions to very complex and vital issues
    The increased political pressure by the media and one party to seduce far too many citizens, who have been poorly educated in deductive let alone moral reasoning to open the floodgates on issues that fall under the rubric “Choice”, a euphemism for death by abortion, euthanasia, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, and the destruction of persons character.
    The increased call to destroy individual rights of property, responsibility, and character.

    These forces must be confronted. And confronted via a coordinated campaign for moral responsibility, and moral reasoning. The media will not fairly cover any protests to the contrary.

    Look, at the vitriol that was printed over His Holiness’ recent speeches in America. Vitriol from the silly, “Marines must not salute the Pope.” to “the Vatican must be dismantled for its stand on overpopulation and refusal to allow for divorce or on demand abortion.

    We need someone to coordinate all the people who believe in Ha Shem (G-d) and can recall the last time a glib speaker mesmerized a depressed population with offers of “miracle cures” to social, political, and economic problems.

    To be blunt, I cannot see how any Jew, any Catholic, any Mormon, or any normal Protestant religion could vote for the presumptive Democrat this year. I do not think I am alone in that view. I am looking for suggestions on how to organized such political actions while maintaining a true course between Scylla(charges of racial bigotry) and Charybdis(destruction of religious tax exempt status).

    I do not represent any group — I am just an almost well-read Jew, who feels that he must act this year to defeat a moral evil.


    Thank you for your time.

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