CS#10: Steve Kellmeyer Talks The Sensible Scripture Study

In this interview, Steve Kellmeyer talks about ‘The Sensible Scripture Study’ as the only church approved way for reading the scriptures.  He addresses the four senses of scripture, which are the literal sense, the typological sense, the moral sense, and the heavenly sense.  He touches on the reasons for the conversions of many protestant scholars including Dr. Francis Beckwith.  Steve talks about how the protestants changed this understanding of scripture in an effort to discredit the primacy of peter and the church.  Finally, Steve discusses how Catholics have forgotten about the senses of scripture and how we can help to bring back this essential understanding to the Bible. 

Steve Kellmeyer is an exciting author who has written many books including ‘Bible Basics’, ‘Sex and the Sacred City’, and most recently, ‘The Sensable Scripture Study’.

Items Discussed in this podcast:

The Sensible Scripture Study
Bible Basics
Sex and the Sacred City
Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI
Dr. Scott Hahn

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