CS#96: William Michael Liturgy of the Hours and Classical Liberal Arts Academy

In the interview, William Michael shares with us about why he created the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. He also talks with us about why we pray the Liturgy of the Hours and why he put together an easy email resource to help make praying the hours more manageable.  The Classical Liberal Arts Academy is a homeschool resource that is creating a lot of excitement in many homeschool circles.

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Items Discussed in this podcast:

Liturgy of the Hours four volume and one volume sets.

Classical Liberal Arts Academy

Liturgy of the Hours Resources

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A VERY special thanks to Dave Miller for providing the awesome music in this podcast.

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2 Responses to CS#96: William Michael Liturgy of the Hours and Classical Liberal Arts Academy

  1. Isabel Lee says:

    i was home schooled too but i would still prefer regular schools.:`;

  2. i was home schooled when i was still very young and i have to stay that it is also a great way to educate your kids `;-

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