CS#5: Scott Hahn Interview About Reasons To Believe

Scott Hahn began his career in ministry as a Presbyterian minister out to show Catholics the error in their ways, but his biblical and historical detective work led him to the conclusion that the Catholic church was the historical church of the bible.  In 1986, Dr. Hahn joined the Catholic church and has since come to be known as ‘Luther in Reverse’ due to the large number of protestant pastors and bible scholars who have followed him on the journey home to Rome.  The tape of his conversion story ‘A Protestant Minister Becomes Catholic‘ is one of the most circulated and listened to Catholic audios over the past 20 years.  He is currently a Professor of Theology and Scripture at Franciscan University of Steubenville, and is the founder and director of the Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology.

In our interview, Scott talks about the legacy of John Paul II, his favorite Saint, and his new book, Reasons to Believe.  He discusses the need for a pope as well as why Christ had to die for our sins.  He also touches future books that he is currently working on, Ever Ancient, Ever New, a Catholic Bible Dictionary, and a revision of his doctoral dissertation.

Be sure to listen to Kimberly Hahn talk about Chosen and Cherished.

Book Discussed in this podcast:

Reasons to Believe – How to Understand, Explain, and Defend the Catholic Faith
A Protestant Minister Becomes Catholic
See All of Dr. Hahn’s Books and Tapes

You can find more information on Dr. Hahn’s website at http://www.scotthahn.com/.

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14 Responses to CS#5: Scott Hahn Interview About Reasons To Believe

  1. Jane says:

    Dr. Hahn! I love all of your books and I can’t wait to get my hands on this one! Thank you for everything you have done for the church!

  2. Tkach says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am a devout Roman Catholic, in my late 50’s and the product of a strong devout catholic family. I have read many conversion stories and they have eased the pain in my heart from all of the hieratic statements made by many non believing people. I could never understand how people could say, “why do you bow down to a man, scripture was written by man, Jesus was married, Mary was not a virgin, the body and blood of Jesus Christ is only a symbol, you pray to Mary, etc. For many years, these statements wounded my heart. But as a devout Roman Catholic, I gave and entered this pain and suffering with Jesus; gladly knowing that I was his child, that he would always take care of me, but most importantly knowing that he loved me best because he allowed me to share in his pain. Imagine how the Angels praise and glorify GOD when another child comes home. GOD BLESS all of you who listened and didn’t turn away. Pray for the catholics who should know better, but refuse to honor and obay GOD through his son Jesus Christ.

    When ever I read or hear a conversion story, tears mist my eyes because I know that any individuals who was raised a non catholic, especially an active one, i.e., Marcus G., Dr. Scott, Stephen Ray, Ms. Bonds, and many others must have gone through a great deal of pain. However, the 9 choir of angels must have been surrounding these individuals because they were called by GOD, not just part of their family structure, but they became part of our family because GOD commanded it. We must all pray for all the non believer who are only aware of some of GOD’s graces. We must pray that all of our guardian angels lead us, one by one, to the individual who we are commanded to bring home. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU WHO HEARD AND DID NOT TURN AWAY.

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  4. Nancy Aron says:

    My husband is Catholic and trying to convert me. Currently I am Presbyterian. His belief system is so strong. I’m trying to understand “Why Catholic” This audio tape has been helpful. I am looking forward to more audio. I am also in the process of trying to understand the bible. My sister is Petnecostal. She lives in Atlanta, GA. She warns me not to believe the Catholics. I am so confused. Please help. I desperately want to find a church body to belong to and a belief system which God accepts.

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  6. GERI O'MALLEY says:

    I’m hearing a lot of priest and lay people teaching adult RCIA are telling things like there are reasons that they can do artificial means to use or say it is up to the pearsons them self. Also said the Pope is
    allowing sisters ministry in other countries that they could be in danger of rape. the story about the nuns I heard on the Catholic Radio.
    I don’t remember the program or who was the speaker.
    Can you explain this to me because this is not what I read in the encyclicals that I have read.
    thank you, Geri O’Malley

  7. juan says:

    from a beloved sinner of god may you keep on bringing people home may the lord keep on blessing you even though ive tried to read all your books theres lots of things on dont understand those little passages stay on my mind i know its the holy spirit within me and i thank the lord but you scott deserve alot of thank yous from everybody you have changed lives praise the lord alleluya

  8. Beckie says:

    Dr. Hahn,
    I was raised a devout Catholic and raised each of my four children Catholic. I am from a family of 12, 6 brothers and 5 sisters. Our Mom and Dad have since passed away. There is only 6 of us brothers and sisters who are still practicing Catholics in my family. Mom and Dad both were still living when my other 6 siblings changed to another religion. I know it hurt them to see this, but they never judged them. They still go to a church and have a love for God even though it is with another religion. I love my family and I pray that we will all be practicing Catholics again. My Dad once told us that he was born Catholic, he was raised Catholic and he would die Catholic, and he did. And I fell the same way too.
    When I first read your conversion tape, it made me so proud to be a Catholic. I pray one day that my siblings could read or listen to your conversion. I really feel it would make them look at the Catholic religion in a different way.
    Thank you so much

  9. Sandra Johnson says:

    Dear Dr. Hahn,
    I was a student of yours at Franciscan U. and I wanted to thank you for setting me on fire for Christ. I still study apologetics and can’t seem to get enough of it. Thank you for all you do to defend our beautiful faith!
    Sandra (Marckini) Johnson

  10. Tina Easterbrook says:

    Dear Dr. Hahn,
    I love your conversion story. I, myself am a convert having grown up a baptist. I am still the only catholic in my family other than my daughter. I could certainly relate to the opposition you faced in becoming catholic. I still have some family members that resent my conversion. I have yet to complete educating them! 🙂 I am so grateful for your focus on apologetics. Thank you for your devotion to educating others.
    Tina Easterbrook

  11. Herdi Wijaya says:

    Dr. Hahn,

    Your conversion story touched my heart. I am a Catholic and live in Los Angeles, CA, and try to understand more about the Tradition, Magisterium, and the Holy Bible. I started to read the Bible just recently, and realize that there are so may Catholics who don’t know much about the teachings of Catholic Church. Thank you for all that you’ve done. May the God our Father bless you & your family always, and may He guide your path in educating the Catholics, we ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amin.

    Herdi Wijaya

  12. Robert ian Williams says:

    When I felt led to conversion to the Catholic Church ( and fought it every step of the way), it was Scott Hahn’s tape that tipped the balance. He showed me that I was being given a supernatural gift, and must die to self. Conversion is ultmately a spiritual gift…however much intellect plays a part.

    I am so grateful for that final push. God Bless Kimberley and Scott Hahn, prosper their apostolate and thank you, one million times. 17 happy years of growth in the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, and God’s wonderful healing love and gift of Himself in the Sacraments. The pearl of Great price indeed, and the security of the rock of Peter, as the waves and sea that surround it lash around…

  13. Richard Zeni says:

    I had watched a EWTV program where the topic “Catholic is the real religion” Not the exacy wording but the speaker tells why catholic relogion isthe one and only true religion and explainediut with bible references.. Can You or anyone tell me who the speaker was and wher I can I obtain copy so I can intelligently spak to non catholics who are anti catholics.

  14. Matt Carson says:

    Dr. Hahn,

    I want to thank you and your wife for writing “Rome Sweet Home.” It must have taken a whole lot of courage. I know how hard it is to live as a faithful Catholic in a society that is very anti-Christian, and when it professes christianity, anti-Catholic. “Rome Sweet Home” remains the only Catholic defense/faith book I have read five times within three weeks of purchasing.

    Matt Carson.

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