Rest in Peace – Michael Dubruiel

It is always with both sadness and joy that we witness the passing of a prolific Catholic author (and previous guest on our show) such as Michael Dubruiel.  However, it is especially sad when they leave behind a wife and small children.  Having lost my father at the age of 13, my heart especially goes out to Amy and their children.  You will especially be in my prayers.

Michael may not have been a personal friend, but I always enjoyed talking with him whether it be on OSV business, at a conference, or in an interview.  He always seemed to have a great sense of humor, especially about being “Mr. Amy Welborne”, even though he was quite well known an accomplished even when he wasn’t associated with Amy.  His books are all incredible resources and will be a testament to his work for many years to come.

Amy writes on her blog: “Many have asked what they can do. All I can say is to simply buy his books. Not from me, because I am in no position to fill orders, but from anywhere. He long ago promised God that he would give all the royalties of The How To Book of the Mass to the children’s college funds, which he did faithfully. Buy them, read them, and give them away to others. Spread the Word. That is what he was all about.”

OSV has also generously decided to double the family’s procedes on Mike’s books through the rest of the month of February.  You can also donate to the family at

And of course, please keep them all in your prayers, along with all those who have lost loved ones and don’t have as big a support network.

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